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This site gives access to numerous online bookshops around the world that sell travel books. There are also links to second-hand bookshops and to publishers.

The Scotland Guide
Illustrated encyclopaedia articles on Scotland. At present there are over 700 articles about Glasgow, the country`s biggest city. The articles are based on the guidebook The Glasgow Guide.

The Globe Travel Guide
Illustrated travel articles about various countries, including France, Iceland, Scotland and the USA.

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These include travel guides to Iceland and Scotland.


Welcome to this specialist travel shop.

The site is under construction and should be online in autumn 2011.

The website is linked to many providers of services useful to travellers. As well as tour operators that can arrange all your travel requirements, there are companies covering transport, accommodation and all sorts of services and equipment you might need.

No matter where in the world you are or want to visit, there are airlines, car hire companies, hotel operators or other types of firms which can meet your needs. Some of these companies are major international organisations, while others are based just in a single country.

Although these service providers have been divided into particular groups, many of them can cater for more than just their core services; for example, airlines can arrange accommodation and car hire.

If you need travel books or maps then visit the companion website, The Globe Travel Bookshop.

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Emerald Lake, Canada.
Emerald Lake in Yoho Park, British Columbia, Canada. A peaceful lake, which is popular with visitors during the summer months, it is hemmed in by tall mountains which are part of the long chain of the Canadian Rockies. The lower slopes of the rugged hills are covered with Engelmann spruce.

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